Helping Families Navigate
Significant Wealth

A focus on the intersection between what matters and what we can control

We feel the more a family plans, the more the family will keep. In our experience it is far better to prepare than it is to repair.

Investments are generally a matter of opinion around what the market may or may not do. Taxes are a matter of fact; not a tip from some stockbroker.

Successful investing is singles and doubles, not home runs. Wealthy families hire our firm to manage their wealth responsibly and not swing for the fences.

Who is a typical Brandywine Oak Private Wealth client?

Our typical client is someone age 50+ with $2.5 million of investable liquid assets, who personally achieved financial success from years of hard work, sacrifice, and a high savings rate throughout their professional career.

Prefer to delegate to an expert so you can go out and enjoy retirement

Want to know your spouse will be in not just good, but great hands

Value having a “certainty of outcome” over “beating the market”