3rd Quarter Update from Brandywine Oak Private Wealth

July 12, 2019

Dear Clients & Friends,

We hope you are enjoying your summer and the warm weather—

The end of this month will mark our one-year anniversary from the launch of our firm.  We have successfully transitioned 98% of the assets we managed at Merrill (Lynch).  Thank you all for your continued trust and confidence as well as the introductions to friends, colleagues, and family members who were not previously clients and have since joined our practice.

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Brandywine Oak Firm Updates


  • For those clients who own individual tax-free bonds managed by Nuveen for credit oversight/due diligence we have been able to negotiate the manager fee from 16 basis points (0.16%) to 12 basis points (0.12%).  This price reduction is yet another benefit of being an independent firm as there is no big bank keeping a portion of the manager fee.  This 25% cost reduction goes right to your bottom line and immediately improves the yield of these portfolios.  This price change will take effect starting this quarter.


3Q19 Tactical ETF Portfolio Changes / Investment Updates

  • Sold Energy Exposure and Added Consumer Staples – we expect oil prices to remain lower, and Energy historically being more cyclical in nature tends to underperform in the late stages of a bull market.  Leverage also remains elevated across the Energy sector.  Consumer Staples as a sector are some of the highest quality companies with earnings stability and potential for dividend growth.  We expect corporate profits in the US to slightly decelerate in 2019 and prefer defensive positioning in sectors such as Staples, Health Care, and Utilities.


  • Increased Large-Cap Exposure Across Both US and Foreign Stocks – in the late stages of an economic expansion small-cap companies tend to lag large-cap companies.  We continue to maintain exposure to small-cap companies but now maintain a more neutral position rather than an overweight allocation.  Small-cap companies tend to lag during Fed tightening cycles as they maintain higher levels of leverage than large-cap companies.


  • Within Real Assets Replaced Commodity Exposure with Global Real Estate – we remain neutral on commodities but continue to maintain a 5% position in gold for the diversification benefits.  Commodity prices tend to be uncorrelated with the economic expansion, however, we expect tangible assets such as global real estate (REITs) to benefit portfolios by protecting against the effects of inflation and generating streams of cash flow.


  • 2Q19 Asset Class Performance Chart – below is the quarterly asset class performance chart showing how various asset classes did during the 2nd quarter.


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