About Our Firm

Seeking the most successful path to the preservation, distribution, and transfer of wealth

Brandywine Oak Private Wealth

Brandywine Oak Private Wealth is a registered independent advisory firm dedicated to helping wealthy families plan and manage all aspects of their finances and investments.

We work with successful wealthy families who have created significant wealth through years of hard work and sacrifice. Although they have proven successful in their respective businesses, they generally lack the time, resources, or desire to dedicate towards their family’s finances. These families are looking to outsource the organization of their financial lives to a trusted and capable firm that has a proven track record of professional excellence. They turn to us, seeking a simplified approach to solving the complexities of their financial situation.

Our objective is to provide peace of mind by mitigating or eliminating the financial challenges that can distract families from enjoying what matters most to them. We use a disciplined process that is goal-oriented and planning-driven to help them maximize the benefits of their wealth.

On Decisions That Matter

The Brandywine Valley represents an important life-decision to many of our clients, who have been raised amongst the subtle beauty of our Pennsylvania and Delaware countryside.

This region is just as important to the Brandywine Oak team. In fact, we chose the name because of the historical heritage of the area and our commitment to the local community. Our is in in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, just minutes from Longwood Gardens and the Brandywine Battlefield Historic Site.

We feel the more a family plans, the more the family will keep. In our experience it is far better to prepare than it is to repair.

Investments are generally a matter of opinion around what the market may or may not do. Taxes are a matter of fact; not a tip from some stockbroker.

Successful investing is singles and doubles, not home runs. Wealthy families hire our firm to manage their wealth responsibly and not swing for the fences.