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Two Estate Planning Documents Clients Need for College Bound Kids

  It is never too early to establish estate-planning documents for young adults.  Two of the most important documents include the health care directive and durable power of attorney.  The health care directive, also known as a health care POA, determines who can make medical decisions on your behalf.  In turn, the durable POA determines […]

5 Social Security Myths Debunked

In our experience the vast majority of Americans spend more time planning their 2-week vacation than they spend on maximizing their Social Security benefits! When to claim your Social Security benefit is arguably one of the most important financial decisions that a retiree makes as their lifetime benefits (including their spouse) can total more than […]

3 Tax Planning Strategies To Consider Now

At Brandywine Oak, we believe that proactively helping individuals and families navigate the tax code to avoid overpaying the IRS is essential to long-term financial success. If individual income tax rates increase in the future, Roth conversions can be invaluable to a family’s long-term wealth plan. If the amount of wealth that a family can […]