How to Survive a Bear Market if You’re Over 50

May 16, 2022
As the stock market teeters near bear market territory, many older investors are asking themselves how to survive a bear market. Historically, bear markets are typically caused by rising interest rates, external factors, and weakened sentiment in the stock market. For investors that are still working, it may make sense to continue to invest money in their 401(k) or IRA as normal to take advantage of buying stocks at a lower price. For retirees, it may be advisable to avoid taking withdrawals from stocks unless there is no other choice. One way to avoid drawing down stocks is investing into different buckets of cash, bonds, and stocks to ensure there are enough stable funds to withstand temporary market downturns.

At Brandywine Oak, we understand how difficult it is for clients to emotionally navigate stock market corrections and potential bear markets. We guide our clients through these times by building customized financial plans that anticipate all types of stock market scenarios to provide peace-of-mind. To learn more about this topic, please read’s AARP’s

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