Michael Henley and Chris Smith Attend AICPA Engage 2022

June 9, 2022

This week our Founder & CEO Michael Henley and Brandywine Oak Private Tax Advisory Founding Tax Partner Chris Smith attended the AICPA Engage 2022 conference. This conference is the premiere learning experience for advanced tax strategies, estate planning, and financial planning for high-net worth families. This year’s speakers included Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski, Ed Slott, CPA, Jeffrey Levine, Robert Keebler, CPA,PFS,MST,AEP,Distinguished, Kelley C. Long.

*Coach K talked about the need to adapt to win at the highest levels.

*Ed Slott spoke about the value of Roth conversions and how they help wealthy families reduce their lifetime income tax liability.

*Jeff Levine discussed the value of digital asset estate planning and how to assign beneficiaries in the digital world.

*Bob Keebler presented on the 2026 increase in marginal income tax rates and how tax advisors should be acting now with the market on sale to be opportunistic.

*Kelley Long showcased the Super HSA funding for non-tax-dependent children of clients who can make family deferral for their child in addition to their own family deferral.

The goal of attending conferences is bringing home tangible ideas on how to continue to upgrade, improve and enhance the advanced planning strategies for our clients at Brandywine Oak.

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