Our Approach

In-depth analysis leading to a transparent view on how to achieve your desired financial outcomes

Our Process

Brandywine Oak employs a five-point process to develop and implement integrated strategies to address a family’s particular needs.

Brandywine Oak’s disciplined approach to customizing comprehensive financial plans and implementing effective strategies is founded on developing a true understanding of each client’s circumstances and family dynamics.

Beginning with a conversation about what matters, our discovery interview uncovers concerns about short-term and long-range financial issues. We then create a Financial Summary to articulate the family’s goals and objectives, using plain language. By defining and refining what the family is trying to accomplish with their wealth, we develop a custom Family Wealth Plan.

Once approved, the family engages the Brandywine Oak team to manage all desired aspects of their finances and their investments, with the Family Wealth Plan serving as the roadmap for a clear path forward. Finally, the ongoing relationship allows for a regular Review of the Progress towards Goals.

5-Step Planning Process






Family Wealth Plan





We feel the more a family plans, the more the family will keep. In our experience it is far better to prepare than it is to repair.

Investments are generally a matter of opinion around what the market may or may not do. Taxes are a matter of fact; not a tip from some stockbroker.

Successful investing is singles and doubles, not home runs. Wealthy families hire our firm to manage their wealth responsibly and not swing for the fences.