Who We Serve

Managing aspects of your financial life so you can spend time focusing on what is most important to you

Our Solution

Specializing in solutions for corporate executives, both active and retired, Brandywine Oak builds multi-generational relationships by helping wealthy families simplify their financial decision-making through comprehensive strategies that focus on intentional goals.

We will show you a “simple approach to a complex business” through the education necessary to alleviate any anxiety over financial decision-making, while enabling you to better experience the rewards of your wealth.

Helping you to maximize your family’s enjoyment and financial well-being now and in the future is a critical part of our service.

We feel the more a family plans, the more the family will keep. In our experience it is far better to prepare than it is to repair.

The biggest void for families in investment advice is being intentional around their finances. The conversation in our view has to be around cash flow and lifestyle rather than short-term performance and market commentary.

Successful investing is singles and doubles, not home runs. Wealthy families hire our firm to manage their wealth responsibly and not swing for the fences.