our process

In-depth analysis leading to a transparent view on how to achieve your desired financial outcomes

our process

Brandywine Oak employs a five-point process to develop and implement integrated strategies to address a family’s particular needs.

Your Family Office

STEP 1: Learn

We start by introducing you to our firm, the services we provide wealthy families, and what you can expect as a Brandywine Oak Private Wealth client. We will have you complete a preliminary questionnaire to better understand your financial situation.

STEP 2: Discover

During our first meeting we will get to know you and understand your financial priorities and concerns. Our team will gather all relevant information needed to analyze your financial situation. This includes statements, income, investments, insurance policies, and estate planning considerations.

STEP 3: Evaluate

We will apply decades of experience and the wisdom we have garnered from working with other successful wealthy families to evaluate your financial situation. We aim to help you answer the following questions:

  • Am I overpaying in taxes?
  • Can I afford retirement, or perhaps accelerate certain goals such as charitable giving and family gifting?
  • Can I eliminate or minimize financial blind spots?
  • How can I improve my investment portfolio?

STEP 4: Implement

Once your Family Wealth Plan is finalized and agreed upon, we will create your personalized transition roadmap; a before and after visual illustrating the consolidation and implementation of the recommended strategies.

STEP 5: Review

We will meet at least semi-annually for a full family wealth review covering what is important to you, as well as a specific theme such as estate planning, philanthropic giving, and ongoing tax and investment education. In between reviews, we will keep you informed through webinars, educational videos, and exclusive private client events. Your private wealth team will be available 24/7 to assist with all questions or concerns.

We feel the more a family plans, the more the family will keep. In our experience it is far better to prepare than it is to repair.

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