Our Services

We strive to become your financial advocate, coach, and friend working to organize and streamline your entire financial life

Brandywine Oak looks at a family’s entire financial picture in order to develop sound solutions that go beyond investment management.

By asking what matters to each family, we build simple and integrated strategies that focus on cash flow needs and wealth preservation goals.

Retirement Planning

  • Develop realistic retirement goals
  • Goals-based customized Family Wealth Plan
  • Required minimum distributions
  • “What if” planning scenarios
  • Maximize Social Security benefits
  • Medicare / Medigap assistance
  • Withdrawal strategies

Income Tax Planning

  • Tax modeling / tax reduction strategies
  • Tax diversification (taxable, after-tax, Roth, pre-tax)
  • Annual tax return review
  • Effects of stock liquidation
  • Tax filing status
  • Partial Roth conversion analysis
  • Partnership with accountant

Private Banking & Lending

  • Budget and cash flow management
  • Liability assessment
  • Lines of credit / mortgage needs
  • Buying real estate
  • Children’s mortgage needs / parents’ assistance
  • Safety deposit box
  • Reward credit cards and debit cards
  • Custom financing when applicable

Insurance Planning

  • Life insurance review and needs analysis
  • Long-term care review and needs analysis
  • Long-term care options / hybrid policies
  • Umbrella / personal liability coverage
  • Annuity review when applicable

Estate Planning

  • Asset ownership / titling
  • Family gifting strategy
  • Succession planning
  • Special needs beneficiaries
  • Longevity planning
  • Estate tax minimization
  • Current estate documents review
  • Partnership with estate attorney

Investment Management

  • Comfortable level of investment risk
  • Help choose low-cost tax-efficient investments
  • Avoid making investment mistakes
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Diversification strategies
  • Access to leading research through open architecture
  • Educational accounts and planning

Service & Review

  • Annual in-person review (or as needed)
  • Family and lifestyle changes
  • Periodic touch-base calls from administrative partners
  • Same day service during normal business hours
  • Invitations to private client events / education seminars

We feel the more a family plans, the more the family will keep. In our experience it is far better to prepare than it is to repair.

Investments are generally a matter of opinion around what the market may or may not do. Taxes are a matter of fact; not a tip from some stockbroker.

Successful investing is singles and doubles, not home runs. Wealthy families hire our firm to manage their wealth responsibly and not swing for the fences.